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(Structural Engineers and Civil Contractors)
Building Reapairs, Water proofing, Bldg.painting
Interior Decoration and Pest Control Services 
(Waterproofing Experts) Civil Contractors, and Interior Designers / Decorators.

           In every day life come across various civil Engineering problems, both at the construction stages as well as at the maintenance or rehabilitation stage.
           Exteriors of buildings are continously ravaged by the environment, The extremesof weather combining with atmospheric pollution causing such surfaces to deteriorate over the years.

           Weoffer the best possible economically viable 100 % protection against
  1.) Exterior degradation
  2.) Heavily leaking external wall like sand faced plaster, I.P.S.Sloping ,R.C.C. Structural Members (Columns, Beams, Chajja), R.C.C.water Storages, Tank etc. 100 % W/P. of terrace specially China Mosaic, W.C / Toilet, Wall Tiling, Swimming Pools etc. by providing appropriate W / P. Treatment.
  3.) Filling cracks in the plaster, Slabs, Windows, Joints Horizontal expansion joints of concrete-wood, wood-Aluminium, Alum-Glass etc.
  4.) 100 % W / P. and potection of steel structure due to rust corrision, Rust-Removing and Rust Prevention treatment.
  5.) 100 % W / P. of Concrete / mortar etc. long term W / P of New old sloping R.C.C. of Roof Slabs, permanent bonding of new and old plaster especially in case of ceiling , columns, beams to prevent leakages.
  6.) Prevening black oily stains / spots on concrete surface by aboviding de-shuttering of stee due to Rust.
  7.) Internal Waterproofing
  8.) Word of Caution : Integral water- proofing powders (insoluble type) often tend to decrease the strength of concrete which is accepted by even the I.S.I. code.
            We believe in quality-workmanship and reputed / superior-Genuine brand of paints, chemicals and raw-materials.

           It gives us Great Pleasure to inform you that we are specialised in PEST CONTROL TREATMENTS offering our services sucessfully to various social and commercial organisations such as Society premises, Residential houses, Churches,Educational Intitution, Offices, Warehouses, Godowns, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories Etc.

Contact Person :
Mr Elias J.Gonsalves, Mr Elvis D'Souza, Mr Alvion Creado & Mr Mukesh S. Patel
Phone :
+91-22 883 2959 / 882 2112
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Rose Park, Rathodi, Behind Flour Mill,
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Mogul Lane, Opp. Pam House,
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Marve Road
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Malad (w)
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400 095
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